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Hi...I'm Debbie...!!!

Take a look at the quality of my photography, poses, lighting, clarity and accurate tone of my portraits. I customize the lighting and poses to capture your beauty and sexiness and minimize what you think are your flaws.

My photo shop and processing is outstanding. I retouch and you can still see your skin texture and true color. I will not over do your skin where it looks like plastic. In fact, not only can you your skin texture but I will also capture the color of your eyes and you will be able to see it which most photographer cannot do.

As you can see most of my images are in color but I also do process into black and white, sepia and more.

Experience...Ok, I have been doing this for years and love what I do. I love how after you see your images how it can change your perception of yourself. I use the highest quality camera, diffused lighting, reflector, natural light and studio lighting. I can also use studio lights with natural light for a beautiful high quality image. I am looking for the quality of light to illuminate you to capture your beauty.

If you want to know more, check out the next page that will explain how it all works.

Ok, talk to you soon..