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Debbie here again about retouching...!!

Don't worry if you have stretch marks, tummy tucks, cellulite, scars, wrinkles or more.  Or being heavier that you think you should be at any part of your body.  I know having these issues do not make one feel sexy or make you think you are not attractive.  

The fact is almost every single guy or girl has stretch marks, burns, scars, blemishes etc.  Tummy tuck scar are more common than you think for instance. Maybe one breast is bigger than the other. Maybe one side or your body or face droops because of a stroke.  What ever it is, I have seen and retouched it all.  No worries.  You are attractive and beautiful...!!  

BUT...believe it or not YOU are more critical about yourself than anybody else. What you don't like about yourself is not what your partner loves about you.  You don't like your puffy tummy? He LOVES that part of you.  You don't like your stretch marks? He does not mind at all.

I can retouch you to what you specify you want done. I can also reshape your body a little if you like. Take in a little here or there. Bring that fabric over to cover you nipple, make your butt, boobs bigger. Fix nipples, Uplift your booty or breast..  Almost what ever you like. 

I do retouch the face for wrinkles/blemishes and body for bruises, cuts and other minor touches for free. Major retouching will cost a little more but totally worth it. 

I removed tattoos to show that virgin skin again.  I even fixed a misspelled name of a tattoo...!  haha... That was a funny one. His name was Bob, not Boob... haha...

Anyway, please take a look at some of my work to get an idea of what I can do for you...!

Have Fun..!!!!